Why Wedding Photography and Your Wedding Photographer Matters.

EVER HEARD THE PHRASE: BUY CHEAP, BUY TWICE…? Whether you are looking for a wedding photographer in Rutland or a wedding photographer in Romford, heed this advice when it comes to wedding photography.

Wherever you are in your wedding planning, you’ll come to realise that there are just some things that cannot be decided upon just by your budget. Wedding photography is one of them. One thing that always rings in my mind over most of my purchases is ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. With a wedding, doing it again will not be an option! Buy nice, not twice!

But hold on – this blog post is not just about me hammering home the importance of quality – you know this. You’ve lived it and learnt. What I am writing to you all about today is actually the importance of finding a wedding photographers portfolio you not only like the look of but a wedding photographer who gets you and is on the same page you are, a wedding photographer you like!

“It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” (Alfred Eisenstaedt)

You’ve probably seen those funny flow charts all about how to choose who to invite as your guests, right? Regardless, you’ve sat down and really thought about who want there. Just imagine, you’ve got the wedding tipi sorted, fairy lights, the BBQ and bouncy castle and then you book your wedding photographer who arrives suited, booted and with 6 inch heels. Not only do they look out of place but they feel out of place too. You and your wedding party are not about chair covers, throwing garters or releasing doves but the wedding photographer is checking the running order and asking when you want these bits photographed. Cringe.

I mean their portfolio looked okay and were all on weddings so you guessed they were a professional. They most probably are. But. Now…. looking back at the portfolio, they maybe just weren’t your professional wedding photographer. They don’t quite get you and your relaxed wedding style. And what’s more, they didn’t take the time to get to know you and your partner beforehand.

It matters. It really matters that the photos you see in a photographer’s portfolio are similar if not exactly the type of photos you are after. There are LOADS of us photographers out there. Take the time to look at the photos, explore how the photographer works (which should be clear either from their website or a direct conversation or from both!). Talk to them and meet them. Your wedding photographer will more than likely be by your side throughout the day. They will see all the tears, laughter, the bras and boxers, the sniff of snot and maybe even a stressful outburst. You need to be comfortable with them while they are there. You need to ensure that you will enjoy having them there.

When I meet a couple, alongside being professional of course, you get to know me, how I am, and I you. You’ll see I’m open, I’m bubbly and am fuelled by, for the majority, cake and coffee! When you book me as your wedding photographer I like to stay in contact, be social media buddies and may even send you a card in the post! When I work, know that I like to be prepared, will melt away into the background whilst being by you and your fiancés side for the majority of the day. I will also totally cry if you write your own vows.

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Do your research, love the work of the wedding photographer you book and get to know them to see if you click. Avoid asking generic questions you found in a bridal magazine article. Ask questions about what matter to you and to see if it matters to your wedding photographer. Then factor in the cost. Remember, long after the meal is finished, the cake is eaten and the day is done your photos are all what will be left of the day. Understand that wedding photography is a worthwhile investment.

There are so many good photographers out there with stunning portfolios, good prices and availability but if you contact them and get off the phone call thinking ‘OMG, I cannot stand them.’ Then don’t.

“Gina is an absolute pleasure to work with! Very approachable and great to have a giggle with!…Would highly recommend Gina for your wedding day or important events! She’s a diamond!”

(Nicole Hope Smith).

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