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I am a wedding photographer near Leicester that offers documentary wedding photography with a slight twist. My aim is to tell your wedding day story through photographs. I document your wedding day as it happens like a fly on the wall whilst making sure to show everything off at its best. Recently I was super chuffed when a poll on Instagram showed that people mostly described my work as natural, intimate and fun – this is exactly what I like to get across in my wedding photographs! And it is super easy to do when a wedding day is brimming with soul and celebration.

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My style of wedding photography

My style of wedding photography is a mix of  ‘documentary photography’ and ‘lifestyle’. Documentary photography is essentially photo journalism, where there is no control of a person, the environment and available light. ‘Lifestyle’ style photography is slightly more curated, it’s capturing life in more aesthetically pleasing way. This means that my wedding photography is pretty darn special!  You get the best of both worlds. Both of you can relax and enjoy your wedding day whilst I move around unobtrusively documenting your wedding day and ensure you look and feel comfortable in front of the camera during the portraits.

How I photograph weddings

Documentary wedding photography means for the large majority, I will try not to move anything or touch anything in the scene. However, I know that all the little details you planned for your wedding mean something and to capture them just so, I might take the flowers or shoes and move them around to get a pretty photo, especially if there are plates of half eaten breakfast laying around the room!

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I avoid directing anyone when taking a photo but, if someone is feeling awkward, I’ll gently guide so they feel less so. During the ‘couple portraits’ is when I may see couples at their most camera shy. This is when I might suggest a prompt which will enable natural reactions. You’ll feel less awkward and, though I may intervene, it doesn’t involve any posing. This is the ‘lifestyle’ aspect to my style. And finally, my editing is not heavy handed. I like to stay true to the natural colours, giving them a slight pop to bring them to life and I may remove the odd glowing green ‘fire exit’ sign if I feel it is incredibly distracting to the image.

Honest story telling images of your wedding day

My wedding photographs are honest and represent the day its best way. I know that a wedding day is an important one and one you have planned for fun to be had in a place that looks the nuts. You’ll only do it once (hopefully!). This is what I bear in mind every time I walk into someone’s special day. I’m not the bossy photographer telling you where to stand or look. Instead, I blend into the background and capture you unaware. I prepare and collaborate with you beforehand so I know what it is you want photographed. This is the service that I provide and something that past clients have always fallen in love with. This is what will get you a stunning collection of images which represent your true memories of your wedding day – and all the other bits you were too busy to notice!

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Looking for a wedding photographer in Leicester? Is this the type of wedding photography you are after? Then head over and contact me. Want to see more photos? Then head over to my documentary wedding photography portfolio.


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