Top 10 FAB moments of 2019

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The celebs have a run down of their most embarrassing moments, the charts have a run down of the top tunes and the other day I watched the run down of the greatest Christmas movies of all time…..I think it is about that time for me to have a run down of my 10 fab ‘whoop whoop’ moments of 2019 because folks there have been a fair few.
Here are my top ten fab moments of 2019!

#1: Being on t’tele, naturally.

OF COURSE this is a top ten fabby moment. I adore quiz shows and my absolute favourite is ‘The Chase’. I have watched for years and when Bradley Walsh looked into my eyes (through the tele screen) and said ‘Come and have a go if you think you’re clever enough’ I bloody well did. I actually filmed it exactly a year ago (December 2018) and it was aired in September 2019. Series 13. IT WAS AMAZING. Did I win? Did I ‘eck, but it was a top moment regardless. It was an incredibly tough to keep it all under wraps but I managed it. I’ve deffo got the bug and am incredibly tempted to have a go at a few more shows, but perhaps as part of a team. So let me know if you’re interested and want to team up! 100k drop anyone?

The Chase Gina Fernandes Photography

#2: Crossing two wedding venues off my bucket list.

Yes, I have a wedding photography bucket list. You can find it at the bottom of my Blog page on my website over here. And this year I managed to cross off two venues I have wanted to photograph weddings at. You’ll be able to see the real weddings I photographed here, soon! When I first started out, I’ll admit, I wanted to photograph really lovely venues….you can’t not get a nice photo at a pretty venue. However, I have learnt more and more this year that it is way more about the couple. And looking back at my photos you can really see people are my focus. I lock onto souls. So whenever someone enquires or if we ever get chatting I really don’t care where you marry….but it matters that we value the same things. I ‘don’t get’ wedding favours, I ‘don’t get’ fruit cake and I don’t understand wearing shoes you can’t enjoy the day in. I love personal vows, I ‘get’ long strong friendships, I ‘get’ dancing, and you are my people if you are doing things the way you want them as opposed to a tradition that you think ought to happen.

#3: Building a community.

This is a biggie. Being self employed can be a lonely place and so this year I continued to work on building my relationships within the wedding community and have met some fab people along the way – many who I would recommend in a heartbeat. For 2020 you’ll find me listed as a recommended supplier for some local venues too!
I have also had the pleasure of meeting like minded wedding photographers. They shoot (photograph, not kill) the way I do and value many of the same things as me. I have learnt from them and in turn I have passed on whatever knowledge and support I have and can with them. I have also had the pleasure of working alongside them at weddings and can’t wait to continue with this next year. Big thanks to my homies: Jo Greenfield, Caroline Goosey, Esme Whiteside, Emma Ryan, Jenny Appleton, Alan Howe, Phil Underwood and Lucy Cooper.

#4: Finalist in the Muddy Stiletto Awards.

This year I had a go and entered a few awards and I did alright! I managed to be chosen as photo of the day for ‘The Wedding Community’ ( and was also a finalist in the Muddy Stiletto Awards for Rutland and Leicestershire. A HUGE thank you to alllll of you who voted for me – there is no way I could have done it without you.


#5: I got PUBLISHED!

I worked alongside some brilliant local wedding suppliers to pull off a circus themed wedding. It was an inspirational piece where we put on a styled wedding to show off just what could be done if you broke away from the norm. It took place at Castle View Farms & Stables, in Leicestershire, and I had the most gorgeous real life couple who dressed up for me in wedding attire and had a blast. We even had stilt walkers and fire eaters! The photographs were published by ‘Unconventional Weddings’ an online wedding blog and was a huge success as a wedding inspirational piece. If you missed it you can catch it here: It was actually one of the most read blogs of 2019…so double win!

greatest showman wedding Leicestershire

#6: Having the BEST clients.

And ones I can hand on heart, call friends. Part of how I get those natural photos that people love is down to the fact that I get to know my clients – and they me. It’s a two way street. And if you do take that on board then you’ll feel super comfortable on your big day and won’t even notice I am there when you snog each others faces off. In fact I am still friends with my couples from last year and even had the pleasure of photographing their new bundle of joy that they welcomed in a few months ago. Cue circle of life music right here.

I am also OVER THE MOON with all of my 5 star reviews my clients have left me. Huge thank you to you!

“Gina has captured our day perfectly- natural, candid and beautiful photos and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Plus she is so much fun and becomes very much a part of your guests and day! For a couple who doesn’t like having their photos taken, she made it fun, easy and a breeze! We can’t thank you enough Gina!!” (Sarah & Tom)

Rutland Family photography

“Gina is a fantastic photographer, and wonderful person to have on your team when you’re planning a wedding. She took the time to get to know us and what we wanted, went above and beyond to make sure she could do the job to her very high standards, and really helped us relax and enjoy the day knowing the photos would be taken care of. Gina captured our day so well – the photos are stunning and I love looking through them and reliving the wedding. There are photos of wonderful moments that I was completely unaware she was capturing, and she really knows how to make the most of the surroundings, and how to get people relaxed, resulting in some absolutely fantastic group and couple photos!” (Steph & Nick)

#7: My books are about to close.

Yep, before 2019 is even out I am close to being fully booked for 2020 and a third full for 2021. Wowsers eh? I only take on a limited amount of bookings a year so that I can give the very best service to my clients. I can be flexible with pre-wedding photo shoot dates, I can be there to answer calls/emails if you need help with supplier recommendations and even get your wedding photos edited within a short time frame so you’re not waiting 3+months for them. This means I only have a handful of dates available a year. I am considering adding around 2 more possible dates for 2020 but if it’s a wedding between July-September (peak wedding season) I am booked!

#8: Get into the Groove…

I absolutely adore photographing dance shows and this year have done 3 performances this year alone, with more to come in the new year. I can not wait. I just can’t get enough of photographing dance performances. I did start another Instagram account with the intent to show off my images but it’s hard enough managing one. Perhaps I’ll make it a new years resolution?

dance shows Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre

#9: New CEO of Gina Fernandes Photography.

If you follow me on social media you would have heard about the recent changes that took place. Yep, there is a new CEO. A kitten: Gandalf Fernandes. He is currently wrapped up into a little ball next to me as I type this. For every spelling mistake I make I have to endure a tap by his cute ickle itsy bitsy paws.  Ahem. I HAVE A PET! Or rather, we. It’s so nice to have something small and furry back in the house (apart from the hubby’s beard! Hahaha!). He was abandoned at Rutland Water at around 8 weeks old but showed promising executive skills and was hired on the spot. He’s also a little shit who has wrecked the Christmas tree.

#10: All about the photos.

Finally, my top fabby moment has to be all the weddings I have photographed. Each and every one of them have been memorable and I have made a slideshow of the banging weddings I have shot at in 2019. This took me an age! Narrowing down the images was incredibly difficult as I had so many to choose from. Turn up the volume, hit play and ENJOY!

Bring on 2020!


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