Pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland: Why, Where & When

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Pre-wedding photoshoots, couple shoots or engagement photography are just some of the terms given for a photoshoot with me, before the wedding day. I love them! I tend to do all of my pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland, however this is negotiable!

girl throwing leaves boyfriend Pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland

I offer pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland complimentary as part of the ‘Whole Shabang’ package.      9 times out of 10, couples will take full advantage of it or add it on if they don’t have it included. This is not because my couples love the camera, far from it! In fact, knowing they hate being in front of the camera is exactly one of the reasons they plonk themselves right in front of it, especially before the wedding day. How come? Read on….

prewedding photoshoots in Rutland, couple laughing Rutland Water

Why have a pre-wedding photoshoot?

The wedding day will be nerve wrecking enough as it is, don’t add to it with anxiety over having your photos taken. You won’t get to do that day again and if you look back through your wedding photographs finding you looked and felt awkward in front of the camera, you’ll regret it. Getting natural wedding photographs is all in the feeling – it’s about feeling natural and relaxed. My pre-wedding photoshoots are a fabulous way to get to know me and the way I work. Getting to know me means you feel more comfortable and less self-conscious on the wedding day when I am clicking away. In turn, this means you get those natural wedding photographs that you desperately want.

It works for me too as I get to know you and your fiancée a little bit more. I get to find out about which is your best side, how to get the smiles and most of all, how I can get you to ignore me!

The pre-wedding photoshoots are a bloody good way to spend an hour wrapped up in each other. Forget work, forget the bills, forget your phone and forget the wedding planning. Have a date. Have a laugh. Have a right good cuddle. It’s just a really good idea.

couple pigg back ride Barnsdale Hall Hotel Pre wedding photoshoot Rutland

You can use the photos too! Loads of couples use the photos from a pre-wedding shoot in the run up to the wedding. They make for a cute display on the wedding day, are used on the invites or used as a design for personalised thank you cards. There are a gazillion stationary based ideas. If that doesn’t float your boat then just go print them and FRAME them. That’s what photos are for!

Where should I have my pre-wedding shoot?

The possibilities are endless however nothing beats pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland. Its a picturesque county and you can make a right day of it once the session with me is over. We can go to a place which is personal and means something to you or just a place you really like the look of in Rutland. We are spoilt for choice around here. There are some absolutely gorgeous landscapes in and around the area. Many places are very quiet too which is a bonus for the camera shy. These pre-wedding shoots could even be at home or where you walk the dog! If you have your heart set on a specific place, I am happy to discuss this! I am building up a good old list of hot photography spots so do ask if you need a little help.

couple sitting Exton Park Pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland

prewedding photoshoots in Rutland couple sitting Barnsdale Gardens

When should I get a pre-wedding shoot?

My pre-wedding photoshoots tend to take place on Sundays throughout the year. At various times of the year I open up my diary for weekday sessions and there are a few odd Saturdays when they can be scheduled in. They do need advance booking so when you decide to book them, do not hesitate to arrange a date. I recommend getting the photos done about 4-6 weeks before the wedding. If, however, you need the photos for ‘save the dates’ or invites etc then you may need to book it in earlier.

What I really really think about pre-wedding photoshoots…

The key to getting natural wedding photographs, that you are going to truly cherish, is feeling  comfortable and confident. A pre-wedding photoshoot helps you do just this. Just treat the hour as a wedding day rehearsal. Eliminate the stress – why get anxious when you can totally avoid it by feeling more in control and prepared?

Over on the blog are loads of examples of the pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland and beyond that I have photographed. I guarantee you these are real life couples and NOT models. All were camera shy at first but couldn’t give two hoots about me by the end of the session. Just the way I like it (well – only when I am holding the camera)!  Here is a pre-shoot at Rutland Water and here is another pre-wedding shoot at Exton Park.

couple piggy back ride pre-wedding photoshoots in Rutland


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