Who am I? 

I’m Gina Fernandes, though, feel free to call me Gina or G. If you book me as your wedding photographer then you have full permission to call me G-Unit. I capture documentary style wedding photography by day and am a ‘gif’ loving cake eater by night. Bright, bodacious, beautiful wedding photography is my game. I believe that weddings are up there on the ‘best day of your life’ list and I aim to document it all naturally as the day unfolds, leaving you with images of authentic moments of love, fun, and details that you will cherish for years to come.

That’s my jam. But you’re here because you sort of know that and want to know more about ME. Well, I hope so! I had loads to write on my About page but I felt it would be far too much so I decided to write more ‘about me’ in a blog post. This is not a salesy all about me and how wonderful a fun documentary wedding photographer I am (I am) but its more about my background and me as a person.

So enjoy….

I live in a fairly normal house with my far from normal (don’t tell him!) husband and two very loud children in the quiet English town of Uppingham in Rutland. I have an incredibly inquisitive boy and a real chatterbox of a girl (have no idea where she gets that from?!). My son totally blows me away with his curiosity and intelligence and my daughter definitely cracks us all up as the resident family clown. Her giggle is infectious. I could not live without any of these people here – they are my absolute favourites and I am not saying that because I have too. They are my world and we are a tight-knit bunch – and that means a hell of a lot for someone who never thought they would get married let alone have kids (Yep!, Really!)

My favoruite things..

Some other of my favourite things in the world are laughing and making lists (sometimes I simply laugh at the lists I make), and when I’m not photographing non-traditional weddings in and around Rutland you’ll find me running around pretending to keep fit or out and about exploring the UK with the kids. I am a big believer that life is about EXPERIENCE and not things so I try to live like this. It’s not always possible but we try to give it a good go. I spend a lot of time singing and dancing and nothing makes me happier than listening to Garage music or 80’s hits. If I’m feeling low then basting some tunes from either Kisstory or Smooth FM will pick me up. A walk AND listening to my music playlist will sort me out good and proper.

What’s Yuk?

So what don’t I like? I cannot stand (like seriously) queue jumping. I think this is because I cannot stand injustice – and not waiting your turn is unfair. I am practically hopping on my feet at airports as I seem to find queueing just goes out the window there – there and on the roads (London roads, especially). I am not one for chaos. I also strongly dislike the fact that it’s ALWAYS RAINING when the bins need to go out.

WHY? No like-y! Or is it that I just dislike taking the bin out? In fear of bin juice?

In my spare time….

In my spare time. Let’s scratch this sentence. Since having kids and even more since starting a business I do not have much spare time at all! I used to watch quite a bit on tele but I don’t anymore. It’s either on a children’s channel (some of which I do enjoy!) or, okay I will admit that I do make time for one particular TV teatime quiz show. So much so that I applied, passed an audition and got on the show! It was an absolute whirlwind of a process!!

Watch this space to find out more! (Do not laugh. Unless of course, you have booked me, then you get to laugh!)

So how did I get to my thirties (note no exact figure here? And that is how it will stay) and just be starting a business?

I’ll admit that I am not one of those who picked up a camera from a young age and kept it ’round my neck. Nor have I a professional qualification in it. But the interest in photography has always been there. I am the old cliché in that my Dad was into photography and I grew up with a lot of cameras around and had some basic ones to play with all the time. In fact, at one point he ventured into the world of wedding photography and videography. He taught his brother who then went on to actually become a full-time wedding photographer too. I’ve always appreciated cameras and photography and I knew they were special pieces of kit. My dad had a prized Minolta and a video reel and you were not.allowed.to.touch.them. I hope he isn’t reading this but I did, in fact, pick it up and pretend to take photos on his camera.

I have always made sure I had and have a decent camera and whenever I chose a new phone – it was always due to the camera it had! Wedding and family photography only became a concept as a business up until a couple of years ago and the plunge to take it full time was recent. Before all of this, I was a primary school Deputy Head and teacher in Essex! I was incredibly dedicated to this profession and gave it my all but when my kids came along…I knew that my passion lay elsewhere. Photographing my children from birth practically every moment in the day pretty much re-ignited the passion.

Running a bizniz

I never expected it to turn into a profession. I was asked to take photos of families and children and I just realised that I loved photographing people and photographing them in a relaxed documentary approach. And now this is my full-time job and I love it. I feel incredibly honoured when a ‘couple to be’ and/or family chooses me to document their love for each other. And as such I blooming give it my all. I always have and always do – that’s just me. I work hard to get the best results I can.

What drew me specifically to wedding photography is quite simply because of my love of love and people ‘in love’. I am a soppy romantic – I even blub when I watch Don’t tell the bride’. Weddings are such rollercoasters of emotion and it’s such a privilege to be invited in and hang around the main stars all day capturing all the tears and laughter. Plus, cake. Now I just wanna put out there that I am not a fan of fruit cake, but I will eat it, because… well, it’s cake. Cake is soooo delicious. I’d skip a meal and replace it with a slice. Easy, peasey, lemon drizzle pleasey.

Personal and professional experience in photography has shown me that whether you love the camera or are camera shy, the best authentic moments full of giggles, affection, interaction and personality are captured when you feel the most comfortable and just being you – my aim is to make you feel just that. As such, my documentary wedding photography style is natural and vibrant. I shoot with two eyes open and a smile. My aim is to capture all the funny and romantic moments, and let you get on with having a wicked day which is great because I’m very observant, feel I read people really well and my relaxed and unobtrusive approach helps bucketloads.

What I love about weddings

For me the bit I love the most about a wedding day is the getting ready for the day, because I love the build up, the nerves, the laughs and it’s the best part because it’s often when you realise how unobtrusive I work and you get used to me being there for the day.

I decided when I started my wedding photography business that my biggest value I wanted to bring to my clients was to be able to offer a dedicated service. I like to get to know my clients and like to keep in touch with them along their wedding planning journey. By taking the time to do this helps me document more meaningful wedding photography and so to do this well, I only take a limited number of weddings a year. I know then I can give my all to my couples. They have chosen me because they like me, the way I work and are happy to keep in touch and build a relationship. My couples also love throwing a great party, and the last thing they want is a photographer who takes over their wedding day and bosses them into super cheesy looking poses and photos. Your wedding is all about having a wonderful time with your favourite people. You don’t care about ugly chair covers or formalities – you just want to have an awesome time with your friends and family. If your wedding is outdoors, is a blessing, only has twenty guests (I only had nine at my own wedding!!) or is in a barn with Llama’s running around then I want to document your wedding!

Hopefully, you have learnt a little more about this fun documentary wedding photographer! And hopefully, you’ll be calling me G-Unit instead of Gina. Catch you on my Insta stories! I love it over there!!

gifs provided by Tenor.com