Foolproof Tips For Planning A Wedding – Wedding Advice From Married Couples

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You’re a bride and groom in the middle of planning a wedding. You both want the day to be perfect. This doesn’t mean you need the perfect dress, bow tie or chair covers but it means you want to look back on your day with no regrets. You only get to do the day once (hopefully!) and can’t really afford to make mistakes, so why not learn from others? I collected some top tips from those of us who have already said ‘I do’ and partied like crazy after.

I asked the question: If you could tell a bride one thing you wish you could have done/would have done differently for the day WHAT would it be?
Here we go folks….

Me: I wish I would have known how long my hair and make-up was going to take – I honestly think it took longer to sort my mug and mop than the ceremony and party afterwards. I never had a ‘trial’ with my MUA. I would now.

bridal prep Haycock Hotel

G.Glaze: Surround yourself with your ‘people’ when you’re getting ready for your wedding day. They will help to calm you and distract you because you will be nervous. This totally saved me on the morning of mine. Love my people.

bridesmaids helping bride getting ready Haycock Hotel Peterborough

T.Muller: Make your wedding about you and your partner. Don’t worry if someone doesn’t talk to someone else, they either grow up and can either be civil or ignore each other or not bother coming – that includes family! You don’t have to invite ANYONE just because they are family!! Also don’t get into debt just to get married, my wedding cost £5000 (14yrs ago). You don’t need frippery.

H.Brown: Have the wedding day speeches first – then everyone can relax and enjoy a drink and the meal without worrying about what they are going to say.

wedding speeches marquee people laughing

C.Bert: Have two people record the speeches. We just had one and it didn’t work out.

O.Linnell: Stop and take it in more on the wedding day. It’s all such a haze and nerves were rife at certain points as I just hadn’t given myself time to take it in and breathe!

bride looking out of the window Haycock hotel

A.Hughes: Comfy shoes!

pink flower painted Dr Marten bridal boots against a shop front shutter Camden Town

Good point above! Check out my pinterest board of comfortable wedding shoes

L.Hudson: Always carry a safety pin and plaster. It’s handy when you step on the hem and need to pin it up and the plaster is handy for when you stab yourself on a rose provided by the lovely friends who brought all the bouquet flowers – you don’t want to bleed on your dress!

colourful wedding bouquet

J.Greenfield: Don’t stress about the little things. Every fucker just ripped my hand made favours to shit.

J.Greenfield – keeping it real since 1982.

B.Lloyd: Something won’t go ‘to plan’ on the day but you won’t care as you’ll be busy having fun!

S.Peerbocas-Brown: Try to find at least half hour from everyone so you can soak in everything

I totally agree with the points being made about taking time to stop and soak it in. The day goes so faaaast!!! I tend to find the perfect time to be alone, and just let the fact that you are now married settle down in your mind, is during the couple portraits. I recommend to have some time out just after a drink and a mingle with guests after the ceremony. Take twenty mins and have photos of you both snogging. These wedding photographs are the ones that you will frame, these wedding photographs sum up the whole point of the day and most importantly its the time when you can take time out and feel freshly wed.

bride and groom sitting down holding each other near candles

T.Winter: Plan to spend proper time with those closest to you. I spent so long talking to every guest I didn’t get to spend enough time with my siblings and parents.

C.Andrews: Don’t listen to anyone else! It’s yourrrr day!

F.Keeley: Invite people who will add to your happy moment.

Anon: Married her friend.

Was far too hilarious not to share this bit of advice! Let’s face it guys, make sure you are marrying your lobster!

A.Hughes: Deffo get a professional wedding photographer. I didn’t realise the importance of this. I focused on the day, not on the only things I’d have to remember it by properly.

I could not agree more. In fact this is the biggest regret that I hear from newly weds. Mate, if you’re spending money on the day, spend the money on the damn pics. That will be the only thing left of the day, well that and the ring…which you could lose when washing the dishes. That’s me keeping it real now.

I will keep this blog updated every so often when I throw this question out again. You cannot beat advice from those who have live it – not industry experts, but first-hand advice from those who of us who done it and would wear a t-shirt we bought with the advice in bright neon letters.

Laters peeps!


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