I really like your work. How do I book?

That’s great news! Let’s grab a coffee and have a chat. If this is tricky to arrange then, no problem, we can chat over Skype. This gives us chance to get to know each other and I can show you some more of my work and you can tell me more about your day. It’s so important to me that we get each other and that my approach to wedding photography is what you’re looking for.

Please feel free to ask any more questions after the chat. Once you have decided that you want to go ahead with the booking let me know and I’ll send a booking agreement and invoice via email. A booking fee of 25% is payable to secure your date.

Where do you work?

I’ve got a little space in the dining room. The only place where I draw a line to having the kids toys scattered around. But that’s not what you mean right? I work primarly in the East Midlands but do travel the U.K. for a wedding and a couple who love my vibe. 

What's a second shooter?

A second shooter is another photographer that I will hire in to help get more angles anad coverage for your day. I hire someone I know and have worked with before who’s style and work I trust. I can’t be in two places at once and a second shooter helps fix this! With the full day package, this is included.

Do you have insurance?

Yep. I am fully insured and have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

When should I book?

Book early or as soon as you can! I really think, when you know, you know. I go by the 3 P’s. Do you like my personality? Do you like my portfolio? Do you like my price? 

I only take a limited number of bookings a year so that I can deliver a dedicated personal service. You only have to pay 25% of the total balance to book, even if its a year before your big day! 

Do I have to provide you with a shot list?

wedding party Aswarby Rectory

You’ll receive a welcome pack once you book with me and there will be a questionnaire where you can whack down your group shots you really want. I can provide suggestions to choose from if you are stuck! And remember that you have me to consult with up until the day where we can organise and plan these shots. We will even come up with a rainy day plan for these shots….well because….its the U.K.

If you don’t want the formality of the group shots then, well, don’t! It’s your day and you don’t HAVE to have these. I’ll capture who was there as you party – but please bear in mind I can not photograph every single guest and nor can I guarantee I caught Aunty Janet raising a glass. I will, however, capture everything that I see and will move around lots to capture as much as I can.

When do I get the photographs?

A sneak peek will be posted within 24-48 hours of your wedding on Facebook with a story usually put on Instagram depending on your privacy agreement. Editing is completed within 8 weeks for weddings between September – May or within 12 weeks for peak season weddings in July & August. The photos will be available to view in an online gallery once the editing is complete. A link will be sent to you via email.

How do I get my photos?

You get edited digital images via a password protected online gallery. You’ll just need a computer with internet access to view the photographs. I will email you a link to the gallery and you can even share the gallery with friends and family.

What's a pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity for us all to get to know each other and the way I work. It’s a walk and talk while I photograph you two having a giggle. If you book the full day package then you’ll get this included. It’s good to get this booked in 6-8wks before your big day and bonus – you can use the photos as decor for the day!

What is the meaning of life?

I’m still working on this one. Let me do a quick google and I’ll get back to you.

Your Questions

Have another question? Feel free to get in touch to ask.