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Providing more creative wedding photography in Leicestershire, and beyond, is something I have wanted to do for a long while. I always make sure I try to do at least one epic creative shot or creation for my couples – weather it is a double exposure, slideshow of images to funky music (like over here in this Barnsdale Gardens Wedding blog) or a GIF! But I wanted to up my game more, taking inspiration from a fellow photographer’s work that I have lusted over for a while – Ryan of Shutter Go Click Photography.  So when he announced he was running a workshop to talk more about how he does what he does, I made sure I booked on.

creative wedding photography Leicestershire

A little bit alternative…

I enjoy learning and I am ALWAYS one to up my game. Earlier this year I ventured out of Leicestershire into Sheffield and visited The Chimney House. I was amazed at finding that a lot of the creative wedding photography Ryan did was on the spot and in camera. In the past, I’ve spent time creating these alternative creative wedding photos during editing – so finding out how to do it actually ‘in camera’ was a huge win. Not only would I now be able to save time, but I could now feel the uber satisfaction of getting the shot that was in my head there and then. After all, this is why I picked up a camera!

Chimney House Sheffield

Break the rules…

First know the rules, then break them. This is something I always say in my head #rebel. But, because I know you have only one shot at a wedding day, I take fewer risks. I prepare before the day. The main preparation I do is to check out the venue, especially if it is in Leiecstershire. I visit the venue, pick out spots that I like beforehand.  I always plan and prepare, it’s how I have always worked. But, those rules I made for myself…..I may just have to break them.

This preparation that may be holding me back. I am now considering to not pre-visit the venue (its not always possible anyway!), to be without judgement and decide on the wedding day where and what are the top photo spots. This ‘impromptu’ way of working actually makes sense because looking back at some of my most favourite shots I have realised that they were in fact completely ‘off the cuff’. If you have ever been photographed by me or worked alongside me you may have noticed that whilst I am listening to you chatting away, my mind is constantly whirring. Even though I may a planned a little beforehand where to go, I do often photograph you last minute in a random spot. When I get home I always see that THAT shot was my most favourite and most creative photo!

Leicestershire creative wedding photography

And have a lil’ faith

I document the wedding day with little interference (which I will never change) and, when it comes to the ‘couple shots’ I tend to whizz through them as I am conscious of taking the newly wed couple away from their guests for too long. Bringing more creative and alternative wedding photography into my repertoire will mean spending an extra 5-10 minutes during the couple portrait session. Often my couples are totally cool with the process and don’t mind an extra few minutes getting a few extra shots – its me who is conscious! It’s my rule I need to break more and I think I need a little bit more faith in myself. So for future reference, if you want a few more arty farty shots, let me know and be prepared to take an extra 5 minutes for my cogs to turn to get them.


Off the beaten track

In future, I would love more opportunities to venture away from the venue or away from the purpose built photo spots, like the lonely pagoda on the lawn.  This means the couples who book me and want creative, alternative wedding photography, get on board and trust in me to do this! This doesn’t mean going on a ‘Lord of the Rings’ adventure, but may mean steering off the beaten track, heading for a spot a little different or even on the road outside the venue.

alternative wedding photography Leiestershire

Fractals wedding photography

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Dare to be different

Is this a bit of you? Are you after a creative wedding photography in Leicestershire? Because I am game if you are! And if you are, all we’ll is need that extra 10 mins and a rebel WITH a cause attitude.

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No one can tell us what to do!



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