Creative wedding photography during isolation


I miss my job photographing weddings in my creative way….so I decided to do something about it.

How are you guys coping with the much needed lock down? Personally I am doing okay – don’t get me wrong, it has been challenge dusting off my teaching skills, keeping the kids educated and entertained whilst tinkering away on my business! But I have managed to stay sane by exercising my creativity. It keeps my cogs turning and the fab byproduct is that it keeps you entertained.

In the run up to wedding season I would be out and about photographing – couples, styled shoots, second shooting, dance shows. The camera stays warm from being in my hand and it never feels like ‘work’. And with each opportunity I push myself, getting creative with my photography. But in this current situation, all of this has come to a standstill. It’s made me ever so slightly nervous, will I still remember what button to press? Will I know how to drive the car? Did I remember to tell the couple that I am not a fan of fruit cake but I’ll still eat it provided I have custard?

Photography is like riding a bike – once learnt you shouldn’t forget it and with the amount of weddings I have been to too….I shouldn’t forget what happens on the day or where to be to in anticipation of the next move. And, I know I won’t! However, I can’t help but be nervous. I used to feel the same way when I was teaching. 6 weeks off lounging in the sun, drink in hand to then return to the classroom….how do I spell ‘Wednesday’ again? With the ever so slight (okay, bloody loads) of panic rising I confessed all to my husband whilst the kids were knee deep in Lego.

LEGO. “Why don’t you set up a Lego wedding and photograph that?” Before I could talk myself out of it, I did and with the help of the kids. They built it all and I set it up and photographed it. Pretty creative eh? It took a few hours too. Ever tried to stand Lego guys and girls on the grass in a gentle breeze? Yea, don’t bother haha!

Here are the results of my creative wedding photography project during U.K. lock down. Safe to say, I did know what button to press and I even got my nifty phone and prism out to get even more creative with the wedding photographs.

The outdoor wedding ceremony.

Creative wedding photographer Rutland

Here comes the bride…

The group shots

Look natural and talk to each other. Dad! Dad! Oh…never mind.

creative wedding photographer Leicester

Bride tribe

wedding photography creative East Midlands

Lads, lads, lads!

The outdoor wedding reception.

Someone has had a little too much….

There’s always one looking right at the camera

lego wedding reception creative wedding photos

Let the fun times roll

The wedding details.

The wedding bouquet

The wedding cake

The wedding couple portraits.


fractals photography creative wedding photography

Using my nifty prisms

Lego creative wedding photography

Hollywood kiss and dip

lego wedding portrait Rutland wedding photography

The wedding hipster look

Lego hipster couple wedding portrait Creative wedding photos Rutland

Lego wedding couples photos Creative photography Leicestershire

The wedding breakfast & cake cut.

The first dance.

Lego wedding first dance Creative wedding photography Rutland

creative wedding photography East Midlands

Dad dancing…

Wedding photographer creative fun lego dance floor shot

lego men dancing creative wedding photography Rutland

These two have some mooooovesss….

Behind the scenes…some outtakes and thanks for the tiny humans who helped make this happen!

The hair and MUA artist making some finishing touches.


Suppliers involved:

Venue: Fernandes Fortune Gardens (aka My home)

Dress, flowers, cake and everything else: Lego & Wilko Blox

Construction: The kids

Photographer: Me!

Well, I hope that brought a smile to your face! It sure did mine and I know that it went mad over on my Facebook page. It even got picked up within minutes by a wedding blog and was published. See it over here.

If you can see yourselves as Mr and Mrs Lego and think I could do a fairly decent job of capturing it then take the time to explore the website, find out more about me and how I work. Head over here to read about more of my creative wedding photography. 


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