Adore & Preserve your wedding photo album

Taking care of your new wedding album to preserve your beautiful wedding photography



All your beautiful collection of memories from one of the best days of your life. It’s there to take out and show off when guests visit and of course, to share with you children, your grandchildren and forevermore as it is passed down for generations to come. And so, that being said, it's important to take care of it so your memories do not fade away. Here are some top tips to follow for when you are handling and storing your professional wedding photos to ensure it lasts and looks pristine.

Ideal environment & Storage

Avoid storing your album in rooms and areas which may chop and change in temperature – I’m thinking of my conservatory as I write this! You know, a room where it can get really cold or gets really warm, or worse...quite damp. These changes in temperature and humidity and cause some damage to the cover, binding and pages to your wedding photography album. It could make the pages warp and /or allow mold to grow. You’ll probably now rule out the loft, under the stairs and a box in the shed.

Try to also ensure your photo album is not stored in direct sunlight. It can cause fading as well as potential damage to the cover and binding also.

All albums purchased through Gina Fernandes Photography come with a dust sheet to lay an album on and an individual box. Ideally, wrap your album in this sheet and keep in its box. It’s best to keep this box flat – if you keep it upright then the corners of the book may get bashed in the box.

Keeping your album clean and how to use

If you are anything like me, you will probably be leafing through your album quite a bit. And why not relive your day through the natural documentary wedding photography you invested in? My kids love looking through the photos and often ask to sit and hear all about my wedding day! And with an album designed with storytelling wedding photography in mind, it’s very easy to do so! Over time, it’s only natural for your album to gather a little dust or a few crumbs so to maintain the album’s quality, every so often, do take the time to dust with a soft, dry cloth. Any dirt can be gently removed with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing! A gentle wipe will do on both the cover and inside pages. When turning the pages, take care to use your fingertips to turn the pages.

Following the tips above will help preserve your investment and maintain its quality to ensure the album can be passed down and shared again and again. It is a pastime my family and I enjoy and I hope you do to. Snuggle up, relive and enjoy the day through your very own photographic story book of your wedding.

Click here for more information about the prints and photographic products I offer to preserve your memories.


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